Determining Fault in Arkansas Personal Injury Cases

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Determining Fault in Arkansas Personal Injury Cases

After a car accident, truck wreck, fall or other Fayetteville area injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Arkansas law allows victims of accidents and injuries to recover damages when they can prove that the other party was negligent. Damages are awarded based on the circumstances of the case and the percentage of fault lying […]

Eligibility for Social Security SSDI and SSI Benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are government programs to provide injured or disabled Americans with income when they cannot work.  Both of these are administered by the Social Security Administration, which uses medical and nonmedical criteria to determine eligibility. The medical requirements for both programs are the same. Your claim […]

Understanding Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Payments

For many people suffering from long-term injuries, their first question about Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is how much they will receive each month in benefits. The exact amount you will receive if you qualify is based on a few factors. Additionally, many applicants are eligible for back pay. The maximum SSDI benefit as of […]

Recovering Compensatory and Punitive Damages After an Arkansas Injury

After an accident in Fayetteville, you may wonder how you will pay for all your sudden costs. Arkansas law provides victims of negligence and malpractice with recourse in the form of personal injury lawsuit damages. There are two main types of damages available in Arkansas personal injury lawsuits. Compensatory damages are intended to repay you […]

What Rules Should I Set for My New Teen Driver?

You are proud of your teen for every accomplishment, but nothing quite matches the excitement, for him or her, and the nervousness, for you, of his or her attainment of a driver’s license. That first time your child pulls out of the driveway can be nerve-wracking and no parent wants to think about needing a […]

Keeping Records After Your Accident

You have a role to play in the success of your personal injury case, and that role often begins even before you have consulted with an Arkansas attorney. From the very first day after your accident, you need to keep track of records and information essential to preserving the integrity of your case. After you […]

What are the Different Types of Silicosis?

When you suffer from silicosis, every breath can be painful. The silica dust inhaled at your job caused fluid buildup and scar tissue that settled in the lungs and reduced your ability to breathe. Silicosis litigation lawyers in Fayetteville, Arkansas can explain that roughly two million U.S. workers in occupations with exposure to crystalline silica […]

What is the “Earnings Test” in Social Security Disability?

When you file a claim for Social Security Disability Benefits, the agency will first determine if you are disabled. After proving disability, Fayetteville, Arkansas Social Security Disability attorneys know you need to pass the “earnings test,” which refers to a calculation based on your age and how long you have worked. The earnings test consists […]